Horus Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping can be hard. Deciding on the perfect gift for those on your shopping list is easier said than done. Lucky for you, Horus Vision has your back when it comes to gift giving. 


Finding a gift for the shooter in your life who seemingly has it all, has never been easier. Regardless of budget, Horus Vision has something for everyone on your list that will make you the “best gift giver” this holiday season.

Under $100


Choose from a selection of products that make for perfect gifts and or stocking stuffers for that special someone on your list. Whether it’s some Horus swag or a CATs target, we have plenty of budget friendly options that are sure to satisfy. Let’s be real, everyone is always excited about a new shirt or hat that represents their favorite brand! If you’ve already got the gifting done and you’re looking for something to add on, these items are the perfect fit. Or, wanting to introduce Horus to someone who isn’t familiar with the brand or reticles? These options will make the perfect the perfect and intro to Horus for them.


Under $500


Things are starting to heat up over here if you’re working with a slightly higher gifting budget. We have some options with incredible value if you’re hoping your gift will get its recipient on target quicker. Choose from Bluetooth™ capable devices that provide the complete solution to improve accuracy and user experience. Did we mention that all of these products integrate seamlessly with the FREE Horus Ballistics App? Add these to the list, stat. 


Under $2000


Looking for a gift for the serious shooter? We’ve got you covered. The full HoVR™ lineup provides the advanced capabilities of Horus reticles for the committed shooter on your list. If you’re shopping for the superstar gift this year, our HoVR™ products are guaranteed to impress. 


Best Overall Value


We get it – everyone loves a stellar deal. When quantifying value on the gift giving front, everyone does it differently. Giving the best gift that includes the most, but that was purchased at the price that saves the most, is something that makes everyone happy. 


If you’re looking for a gift that perfectly outfits a new shooter, an experienced shooter, or someone who is a huge Horus reticle fan, this is it. 


Meet the HoVR™ Complete Shooter Package.

Included in this package is the HoVR™ 5-20x50mm Riflescope with the reticle of your choice, the HoVR™ 1.0 Weather Meter and the HoVR™ 1.0 Laser Range Finder. Purchasing the package saves you $200 from the purchase price of these items individually. Talk about savings and good gift giving. 


Not sure which reticle to choose? We have plenty of helpful information to help you make your decision. Our Reticle Simulator is a great tool to help you compare the features and benefits of the TREMOR3™, TREMOR5™ and H-59 MOA™ reticles. While you’re at it, get some ranging and holding practice in.  USSOCOM, USMC Scout Snipers and multiple Precision Rifle Series Champions utilize Horus reticles in the field. 

Give the gift of accuracy and extended range with the HoVR™ Complete Shooter Package. If it makes your decision any easier, Task and Purpose named the HoVR™ 5-20x50mm Riflescope the “best overall long-range scope” in 2023. That’s a gift you know you can’t turn down.

Make this holiday season even more special by targeting the interests and passions of your loved ones. We hope our gift guide has helped you to get on target when it comes to holiday shopping. Regardless, the thought of an intentional gift is sure to spread lots of excitement this season.


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