The TREMOR8™ Military reticle was designed to meet the needs of USSOCOM and their caliber specific requirements. While the  reticle does utilize  Horus Vision’s patented reticle technology, it is not intended for use outside of the application it was designed for.

TREMOR8™-M Features

Time of Flight (ToF) Wind Dots

Time of Flight (ToF) wind dots allow for fast and accurate wind holds. Wind Dot values are calibrated per cartridge.



Patented multi-caliber zero points above the primary horizontal stadia allow for zeroing of multiple calibers, which results in accurate BDC drop markings for the respective caliber. With the appropriate caliber, utilize the specific aiming point of the reticle to match Point of Aim (POA) to Point of Impact (POI) at the appropriate distance. Alternatively, match POA and POI with the center aiming dot, then dial the turrets to the appropriate height above center.

Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC)
The horizontal stadia below the primary horizontal are labeled “4”, “5”, and “6” , which represent 400, 500, and 600 meters respectively. These represent the drop for all three calibers at these ranges.
For targets closer than 400 meter the reticle is designed to provide max point blank capability.

Target Range Estimation
The horizontal stadia on the 400, 500, and 600
meter BDC drop points allow for estimating range of a 20 inch target at each respective distance. Simply match the width of the stadia to the 20 inch wide target and that is approximately the range to the target.

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