Virtual Range Simulator (VRS)

The Horus Virtual Range Simulator (VRS) is a comprehensive long-range dry fire simulator. Our proprietary VR software integrates the Horus ATRAG ballistic calculator, a custom rifle controller, and HTC Vive Pro 2 Virtual Reality headset to deliver a small, portable, and cost effective range.

With the HoVR™ VRS kit users can recreate any weapon system and physical environment to practice target engagement. Shooters can practice basic, intermediate, and advanced marksmanship techniques from holding elevation and windage to engaging moving targets in variable wind. The VRS kit is small and portable allowing for sustainment training to take place anywhere between live fire evolutions.


  • Over 20 training modules
  • Input your specific ballistics
  • Shoot in any atmospheric condition  
  • U.S. DOD Program of Record Ballistic Calculator  
  • Moving Targets
  • Custom Range Builder
  • Stored in (1) 1730 Pelican case
  • Small setup footprint 8’ x 8’
  • Portable
  • Advanced Reticle (TREMOR3™, TREMOR8, TREMOR5™, H59™ …)
  • Visual feed back
  • Tailored Training
  • Data collection and analysis

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