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The Best Long-Range Scopes to Nail Your Target

Task and Purpose has named the Horus HoVR 5-20×50 FFP scope the Best Overall Long-Range Scope.

“This 5-20×50 first focal plane optic packs plenty of performance punch at a reasonable price. It boasts excellent mechanical precision and multiple Horus reticle options with good glass and tough, quality construction to deliver consistent hits time and time again.”

“A four-digit price tag can hurt, but the Horus Vision HoVR 5-20×50 packs quite a punch in the value department. With a 5-20 power magnification range and three different non-illuminated Horus Vision (re: grid-style) reticle options (including the SOCOM-approved Tremor3), this optic provides plenty of performance for a mere $1,500.

This first focal plane scope features a 30-millimeter tube diameter with an exposed elevation turret and a capped windage turret, each capable of 0.1 mil or 0.25 MOA adjustments, depending on the reticle. The diopter knob opposite the windage turret allows for parallax elimination from 25 meters to infinity.”

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