Employee Rifle: The Green Machine

At Horus we like rifles and shooting long range and in this blog post we highlight a recent fun build from one of our employees’ and the reasons he chose the specific parts, pieces, and brands. 


This build started with the goal of making a 6.5 Creedmoor that was capable of being used in local matches as well as stretching its legs at targets beyond 1,000 meters. The 6.5 being a logical choice with some ammo becoming more available and solid ballistics. After some internet sleuthing and a Precision Rifle Blog post, the Impact Precision 737r action looked like it fit the bill and was popular among top PRS shooters. 


Some say a barrel is the backbone of a good rifle and today’s market has no shortage of quality options. To try and save some weight, a 22-inch carbon fiber offering from Proof Research was ordered and the waiting game didn’t take as long as expected for it to show up at the office door. The fact that this barrel was already pre-fit for the receiver was a big selling point too. 


To hold it all together was the long time coveted MDT ESS Chassis with folding stock, because it looks great and makes toting the rifle around a little easier. Getting the chassis coated in a simple Ranger Green color palette from Dynamic Weapon Solutions made the look really come together. 


With the main components acquired the smaller but still important bits were left. Acting on close friends recommendations the Triggertech Remington 700 Two-Stage trigger was selected. The grip came from MDT and is their more vertical option which turned out to be more comfortable than expected, and now we see why many folks opt for them. The cheek piece is also an upgrade from MDT because our supple skin deserves the utmost in comfort. An Atlas Bipod stabilizes everything when not using bags or stage items. 


The ever important glass that adorns the top of this rifle is the proven Steiner M5Xi 5-25×56 and of course it is outfitted with the TREMOR3™. This provides excellent down range viewing, plenty of power, and the reticle is fast and accurate. Lastly, to tame the 6.5 is a Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 9 suppressor with Armageddon Gear sleeve to cut down on mirage. 


This rifle build should be able to handle weekend matches to hunts and everything in between. The TREMOR3™ is an exceptional reticle in use by competitors, hunters, and military and is great for a general purpose rifle. Learn more about the TREMOR3™ here.

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