Hear it from Hodnett: New Zealand Tahr Gear Guide

Every highly anticipated trip begins with an initial thought and a theoretical gear list. As the adventure creeps up, that theoretical gear list quickly turns into an exhaustive list of resources and assets to enhance what’s to come. 

When it comes to selecting the best gear, Todd Hodnett is a fanatic about being prepared for whatever he may encounter. In this blog series, Todd is going to take us along to the South Island of New Zealand on his hunt for the majestic Tahr. 


Before diving into the gear, it is important to prepare for any trip by having a proper understanding of the terrain and conditions that you might encounter. Todd walks us through some things to consider before heading out on your hunt. 


When you’re heading to the South Island, you have to go in with an understanding that Tahr live in some terrain that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. “Your gear list can get long really quickly, but you want to maintain the lightest weight you can. Also remember that, it’s a Tahr and it isn’t worth risking your life for.” Despite the fact that this is a once in a lifetime hunt for most people, the unforgiving terrain that Tahr inhabit is just one piece of the puzzle for a hunt like this. 


Let’s get into the gear…



  • Tikka action chambered in 7 PRC. Visit Ammo.com for the best ammunition deals.

  • Hardy stock

  • Nightforce ATACR™ 7-35x50mm Scope with Horus TREMOR3™ reticle



  • Kuiu Yukon Rain System

  • Kuiu Pro Brush Pant

  • Kuiu Ultra Merino Layering System

  • Lowa Hunter GTX Evo Extreme Boots 



  • Kuiu Pro 6000 pack


Other gear: 

  • RRS Tripod

  • Walking sticks

  • onX Hunt App

  • Pin light for topographic map

  • Flashlights

  • Headlamps


Ultimately, Todd was successful on his hunt and had great things to say about his time in New Zealand. “Such an amazing experience on the South Island of New Zealand. It’s hard for words to express how rugged and beautiful this place is. The combination of majestic animals and close friends make for such a wonderful life experience.” 


Stay tuned for Hear it From Hodnett Series 2!

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