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How to Ensure Your Riflescope is Tracking Accurately


If dialing the turrets on your riflescope, it is critical for accuracy that your scope is precisely tracking. The Horus Vision CATS Calibration Targets enable shooters to verify the tracking ability of their riflescope and also identify if they are canting their rifle while shooting.  



The set up for the CATS Target is crucial to achieve accurate results. It must be level front and back to the shooter, this should be verified with an actual level. The target is placed at 100 yards, however what is most important is that the horizontal stadia lines in the scope lineup with the lines on the target (i.e. 10 MRAD or MOA in your reticle matches 10 MRAD or MOA on the target). This ensures that the scope is lined up correctly to precisely measure MRAD or MOA. 



While aiming at the white squares on the bottom line on the target, the shooter fires a group, dials up while still aiming at the white square and fires another group, following this course of fire as desired or until the scope reaches 20 Mils or 66 MOA of adjustment (or whatever max the scope provides). The shooter can then check the target and see where the bullet impacts are compared to what was dialed on the scope, i.e. if 10 MRAD is dialed the group fired should be right at the 10 MRAD line. The bullet impacts will be shifted left or right of the center line if the rifle was canted when firing. 



The same target can be used with both MRAD and MOA scopes, and it measures 38” x 79” so will require a large backing for mounting. 


The Horus CATS Calibration Target is an essential tool to ensure accuracy when dialing your riflescope. 


For detailed videos on the use of the Horus CATS Targets visit our YouTube Channel