TREMOR3™ USSOCOM Chosen Reticle

The TREMOR3™ reticle is designed to maximize the speed and accuracy of marksmen. Its unique use of patented features gives users the capability to quickly estimate the range to targets while also giving the user wind speed and drop correction information for fast and accurate Second Shot Corrections. The reticle is used by USSOCOM*, USMC Scout Snipers*, US Navy SEALS*, and by multiple Precision Rifle Series (PRS) Champions, it’s ideal for those looking for the maximum capabilities in a reticle.

"The TREMOR3™ reticle is personally my favorite reticle because its the fastest way to get a multiple target engagement done."
Tom Beckstrand
U.S. Army Special Forces Sniper, Guns & Ammo Rifles and Optics Editor


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TREMOR3™ Features

Horus Grid: The uniform 0.2 milliradians Horus Grid allows you to easily compensate for bullet drop for any ballistics and density altitude. The solid grid provides numerous precise aiming points for extreme precision, not requiring the user to hold out in space. Additionally, the grid provides fast and accurate Second Shot Corrections.

Time of Flight Wind Dots: Patented Time of Flights Wind Dots provide accurate wind holds in wind speed values (mph, kph, m/s, etc.) to allow for quick and easy holds without  a ballistic solver or counting numerous subtensions. These can be calibrated for any ballistics and density altitude providing a universal solution. See our Wind Dot Calculator.

Horus Ballistics App: The easiest way to calibrate wind dots for your ballistics is using the FREE Horus Ballistics App.

Highly-Refined Mil Markers: Refined “Chevron” mil markers throughout the reticle subtend to 0.1 milliradians to provide precise target range estimation. Vertical Chevrons are ideal for milling target height and the horizontal Chevrons for milling target width.

Rapid Range Bars: The patented Rapid Range Bars, subtending from 0.5 to 1 milliradians, enable quick estimates of the range to targets of known size. Additionally they can be used with the Accuracy 1st Speed Shooting Formula. 

Moving Target Holds: Moving Target Holds—the numbered vertical hash marks on both sides of the main horizontal crosshair—indicate leads for targets moving at speeds up to 10 mph. They work for many common calibers from approximately 200-500 yards. Additionally they are used with the Accuracy 1st Speed Shooting formula. 

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