How To Use HORUS Reticles

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Tremor3™ Tutorial
Featuring expert HORUS instructor and Tremor3 reticle designer, Todd Hodnett.

Tremor3™ Wind Calibration
Learn how to use the Tremor3's wind dots, featuring Todd Hodnett.

Using the Tremor Reticle to Shoot Movers
Our latest video series featuring Todd Hodnett will teach all aspects of long range shooting.

Parallax - Part 1 with Todd Hodnett

.95 to calibrate wind dots
Why do we use the 4 mil line and .95 to calibrate wind dots? Watch this video to find out.

Truing - What is it and why do we do it?
HORUS is here to answer all your long range shooting questions. Why do we need to true? You have a good chronograph know your BC and have a good muzzle velocity, do you still need to true?