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Advanced Spotting Scope Reticle

The TREMOR4™ spotting scope reticle is designed for use with the TREMOR2™, TREMOR3™, or TREMOR5™ riflescope reticles but is an exceptional reticle for spotting with any milliradian based riflescope reticle. It's Horus Grid, patented time of flight wind dots, and TREMOR reticle Chevrons make it ideal for those looking for the maximum capabilities in their spotting scope reticle.

Where to Buy

Horus Grid: With a uniform 0.2 milliradians Horus Grid you can easily compensate for bullet drop for any ballistics and Density altitude. The solid grid provides numerous precise aiming points, allowing for extreme precision by not requiring the user to hold out in space with no reference point. Additionally it provides for fast and accurate Second Shot Corrections. 

Time of Flight Wind Dots: Patented Time of Flights Wind Dots provide accurate wind holds in wind speed values (mph, kph, m/s, etc.) to allow for quick and easy wind holds without the need to consult a ballistic solver or count large numbers of subtensions. They can be calibrated for any ballistics and any density altitude providing a universal solution. To calibrate the wind dots click here

Highly-Refined Mil Markers: Refined “Chevron” mil markers throughout the reticle subtend to 0.1 milliradians to provide precise target range estimation. Vertical Chevrons are ideal for milling with target height and the horizontal Chevrons for milling with target width. 

You can quickly and easily calibrate your Wind Dots here:

Calibrate Wind Dots

The easiest method in the field to calibrate wind dots in your TREMOR reticle is the automatic Wind Dot Calibration tool in the FREE Horus Ballistics App which can be dowloaded for iOS or Android at the links below.