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Automatic TREMOR Wind Dot Calibration

Muzzle Velocity and Ballistic Coefficient TRUING

HORUS Reticle Tutorials

Accurate & Easy to Use Ballistic Engine

Full Features


Communicates wirelessly with HORUS Weather Meter and Laser Range Finder


Available for FREE for both iOS and Android operating systems, the HORUS Ballistics App offers an extremely accurate and easy to use Ballistic engine. With Bluetooth capability to the HOVR™ 1.0 BT 2000 LRF and the HOVR 1.0 Weather Meter you’ll acheive the accuracy you desire with the ease you expect.

Automatic TREMOR Wind Dot calibration makes calibrating Wind Dots for your ballistics quick and easy at ANY density altitude. Muzzle Velocity and Ballistic Coefficient Truing ensure accurate solutions every time. HORUS Reticle tutorials and a simple feedback function ensure all your questions are answered, providing the full benefit of your HORUS reticle.

Main Product Features

  • Accurate & Easy to use Ballistic Engine
  • Automatic TREMOR Wind Dot calibration
  • HORUS Reticle Tutorials
  • Muzzle Velocity TRUING
  • Ballistic Coefficient TRUING
  • Save unlimited Targets, Atmospherics, and Ballistics
  • Cloud storage of Ballistic profiles, never lose your DOPE!
  • Target Range Calculator (Milling)
  • Target Speed Calculator


  • Android 4.4 and higher
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 and newer, or similar specifications
  • iOS 9.0 and higher
    • iPhone 6 and newer

App Screens

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