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Learn about Horus Vision products in the following PDF documents. User manuals are packed with ample explanations, informative illustrations, and usage instructions. Product brochures contain full-color product photos and product specifications.

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Product Manuals

Reticle Manuals

Tactical Manual

H130 Manual

H32 Manual

H36 Manual


Reticles Booklet 2017

Who Sells Scopes with Horus Reticles?

Licensing Horus Reticles

H59/H58 Comparison

Technical Specifications

Reticle Data Sheets

Tremor3 Technical Data Sheet

Tremor2 Technical Data Sheet

Tremor4 Technical Data Sheet

H59 Technical Data Sheet

H58 Technical Data Sheet

H322 Technical Data Sheet

H130 Technical Data Sheet

H102 Technical Data Sheet

H25 Technical Data Sheet

H37 Technical Data Sheet

H425 Technical Data Sheet

H32 Technical Data Sheet

H36 Technical Data Sheet

H70 Technical Data Sheet

H50 Technical Data Sheet

Discontinued Horus Products

Riflescopes Manuals

Hunter Scope with H130/H59/H425 Manual

Horus Scopes Field Guide

Talon Scope with H50 Reticle Manual

Hawk Scope with H425 Reticle Manual

HDMR Scope with H59/Tremor2 Manual

Software Manuals

ATrag Ballistics Software Manual

HKGunLoader Manual

HKGunLoader Quick Install Guide

Calibration Manuals

ASLI Angle Slope Level Indicator Manual

CATS Combination Accuracy Targeting System Manual

Tremor3 Reticle: Advanced Aiming Guides
HORUS CHANNEL    YouTube Channel

Horus reticles are available from most major scope manufacturers.

Visit our licensing webpage to learn more about carrying Horus reticles in your line of scopes.

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