Non-Illuminated 3-12x50mm Scope
Versatile, easy to use hunting scope with reticle in the first focal plane.


Non-Illuminated 3.5-21x50 Rifle Scope
Versatile, multipurpose riflescope with H59 reticle. Rugged and compact with long zoom ratio. A joint offering with Bushnell.

US Optics SR-8C

Illuminated 1-8x Rifle Scope
Speed and versatility with true 1X power setting. A joint offering with US Optics.
Learn more  >$495
Learn more  >$1449
Learn more  >$2495

US Optics LR-17

Illuminated 3.2-17x Rifle Scope
For targets beyond 1,500 yards, especially when target identification is a deciding factor. A joint offering with US Optics.

US Optics ER-25

Illuminated 5-25x Rifle Scope
For those "impossible" shots out to 2000 yards and beyond. A joint offering with US Optics.

Bushnell DMR

Non-Illuminated 3.5-21x50 Rifle Scope
Bushnell's Elite Tactical DMR Scope with G2 reitlce. Long-range precision meets short-range capability.
Learn more  >$2746
Learn more  >$3301
Learn more  >$1449

Leupold Spotting

12-40x60 Leupold with Horus reticle
We supercharged Leupold's basic spotting scope by embedding our reticle into it. With Horus H32 reticle.

Bushnell Spotting

8-40x60 LMSS with Horus Reticle
Bushnell Elite Tactical spotting scope with Horus H32 reticle. Ultra-crisp images in a tough-as-nails package.
Learn more  >$2400
Learn more  >$2200

Horus Scopes — crystal clear advantage

It's a straightforward proposition—the more light that passes through the scope, the better you can see and the more accurately you can shoot. Horus Vision builds all our scopes using the best glass and best coatings available. They are unparalleled in brightness and clarity, from the center to the edges of the lens. Our optics were independently tested to be on par with the world's best, and our demanding calibration means a mil is a true mil, no matter what.

Horus hunting scope   | Horus versatile scope   |   US Optics SR-8C   |   US Optics LR-17   |   US Optics ER-25   |   Bushnell DMR   |   Leupold Spotting Scope with Horus Reticle   |   Bushnell Spotting Scope with Horus Reticle

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