Hunter 3-12x50

Non-illuminated hunting scope with new H130 reticle, calibrated in inches.
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USA-made Angle Slope Level Indicator, one unit provides both CANT and angle of fire. Versatile mounting options.
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CATS Target 0280D

Calibration and Training System target for fine-tuning your weapon and skills. Mil/TMOA series.
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Professional ballistics software.
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3.5-21x50 scope with H59 reticle.
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Spotting Scope

Leupold spotting scope with H32 reticle.
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CATS Targets

Calibrate your scope and improve your aim.
$25 (8002D)
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Honeycomb ARD

4-16x50 scope with TReMoR2 reticle.
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Partnered Products: Horus Technology from Trusted Manufacturers
Made by US Optics


Illuminated Red Dot 1-8x scope with H50 reticle.
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Made by US Optics


Illuminated 3.2-17x scope with H102 reticle.
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Made by US Optics


Illuminated 5-25x scope with H37 reticle.
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Made by Bushnell


Elite Tactical 3.5-21x50 scope with G2 reticle.
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Made by Bushnell


Elite Tactical spotting scope with H32 reticle.
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Go Long, Go Horus

Grab the Advantage — Precision Shooting at Extreme Range

Horus brings cutting-edge technology to long-range shooting to help you shoot farther with ultimate accuracy. Horus™ reticles, scopes, ballistics software and accessories offer a simpler solution for making fast, precise, bulls-eye hits consistently. Our easy-to-use reticle design and targeting software deliver dramatic improvements no matter what your skill level. Learn more about the Horus difference.

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