3.5-21x50mm Non-Illuminated Rifle Scope
The HDMR™ multipurpose riflescope is meant for all current weapon platforms, multiple types of engagement, and versatile ranges of distance. Its long zoom ratio makes for an incredibly versatile scope. A joint offering with Bushnell Outdoor Products, the HDMR is a non-complicated, rugged, compact scope at a good price point.

At roughly two pounds and a compact 13 inches, the HDMR is one of the lightest and shortest 34mm tube scopes on the market. The larger tube allows 26 mils of elevation (5 mils per revolution), adjustable in 1/10 mil clicks with large, locking turrets that are easily turned and has a crisp feel even through gloves. It has side parallax adjustment and high quality lenses with superior, anti-reflective, Ultra Wide Band Coating that delivers 95 percent light transmission.

Made from hammer forged T6061 aluminum, the HDMR is 100 percent waterproof, fog proof, and shock proof. It's purged with Argon gas, decreasing the probability of seal corrosion.

Reticle: H59
The H59 offers an uncluttered grid with built-in Accuracy 1st - Speed Shooting Formula plus lead markers for moving targets.

$1449  HDMR with H59
To purchase, call (650) 588-8862

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  • High quality lenses with superior optical coatings, yielding sharp, crisp images in both bright and low light.
  • Allows for rapid engagement without mental calculations
  • Lead markers along the horizontal crosshair for moving targets
  • Standard mil-grid usable with all calibers
  • Made with large knobs to turn easily with gloved hands
  • Large writing for readability in all conditions

Scope Specs


  • Power: 3.5-21x 50mm

  • Tube Diameter:34mm Tube

  • Reticles: 1st Focal Plane

  • Parallax: side parallax adjustable

  • Eye Relief: 3.5"

  • Material: aircraft aluminum body

  • Water-resistant: yes (3 meters)

  • Dustproof: yes

  • Turrets: locking turrets in 1/10 mil clicks

Reticle Specs


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  • Recommended Distance: 0 to 1500 yards

  • Illumination: specific aiming points illuminate for twilight

  • Horizontal Crosshair: thin lined, calibrated in 0.2 mil graduations, with lead markers for movers

  • Range Finder: Accuracy 1st - Speed Shooting Formula on horizontal crosshair

  • Central Targeting Grid: calibrated in USMC mils (6283 mils/circle) (1 mil = 3.60 inches at 100 yards)

  • H59 Technical Data Sheet
    PDF format, 150 kb. Click here to view now.

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HDMR Brochure
Product brochure in PDF format, 871 kb download. Click here to view now.

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HDMR Scope with TReMoR2 Manual
Scope manual in PDF format, 720 kb. click here to view now.

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Scope Field Guide
Field guide for Horus scopes, 65 kb download. Click here to view now.

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TReMoR Wind-Dot Calculator Demo
Use this online calculator to generate real-world values for TReMoR wind dots, and to understand how they work. Click here to view now.
Horus Reticle Demo
This interactive demonstration teaches you how to aim with Horus reticle scopes. click here to view now.

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