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NEW Instructional Videos
Learn how to use Horus reticles and accessories in these simple, easy-to-understand video lessons, featuring former Force Recon Marine and expert Horus instructor, Mike Lamb.
(streaming video, 13 separate chapters)

What Happened to My Zero? Riflescope Zero Troubleshooting Tips from Horus Vision
If you're wondering why your gun won't maintain that perfect zero, this video may provide some answers to that question. (11 mins, 34 secs)

The Horus Reticle
Learn about Horus' unique reticle from president, Dennis Sammut: development background, demonstration, and second shot correction. (9 mins, 12 secs)

Ballistic Reticle vs. Horus Reticle
Ballistic reticles are confined- same ammo, same altitude, not fast if making corrections with altitude density change, but the Horus Ballistic Reticle offers a speedy and simplistic alternative. (3 mins, 54 secs)

Shooting Ballistics Software 500 meters 5.56x45
Shooters use Kestrel Weather Tracker to enter atmospheric data into Horus ATrag MX Ballistics Software, demonstrating first-strike hits with distant targets. (8 mins, 32 secs)

Watch more Horus videos on our YouTube channel.

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Online Product Demonstrations

TReMoR Wind-Dot Calculator
Use this online calculator to generate real-world values for TReMoR wind dots, and to understand how they work.

Horus Reticle and Software Together
See how Horus reticles and software work together for bull's-eye hits.

Horus Reticle
This interactive demonstration teaches you how to aim with Horus' revolutionary reticle grid.

Horus Reticle with Spotter
See how shooters and spotters use Horus Reticles in tandem.

Horus Reticle in Action
Experience the speed and ease of Horus reticles' unique Second-Shot-Correction.

ASLI: Angle Slope Level Indicator
Measure cant and slope while looking through your scope.

ATrag Ballistics Software Emulator
Calculate shooting data with this virtual PDA.

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